Saddleback Testimonials

Saddleback Testimonials


I was referred to Susan at Saddleback Pediatric Therapy for my newborn daughters sucking problem. She would not latch on very well; cried all the time and I was not producing enough milk so I was having to supplement with formula. I was discouraged and exhausted. After only one office visit, Susan solved the problem and I could not be happier! We were able to breast feed until I weaned her at 18 months. Thank you so much for all your help. She is so healthy and I am looking forward to breast feeding my next!!!!


My 2-½ year old was asked to leave preschool due to behavioral issue (biting, pushing) and constant “melt-downs”. After the evaluation, we began to understand why he was acting up so much. After only a few months of OT at Saddleback Pediatric Therapy, my son is easier to manage and is back in preschool making friends. Can’t thank you enough!


My daughter was shy and anti social, but, to my surprise, she warmed up to Ben and Susan quickly. I wasn’t familiar with Sensory Integration before beginning OT, but the therapists took time to be sure I understood how the treatment works. I have a better understanding of my daughter’s needs and now she is more confident and is doing so much better in school. Life is easier and she no longer has the horrible daily “melt-downs”


My son was diagnosed with Autism at age three. We were understandably upset and didn’t know where to turn. My Pediatrician recommended Saddleback Pediatric Therapy for his sensory integration and behavior problems. We tried other clinics, however this is the first place that really seemed on top of all of his issues and that he was exited to come back to. He is improving so much every day … no more “melt downs” and only cries when he has to leave. Thank you so much!!! Highly recommended!!


My 5 year old was recommended to OT to help learn fine motor skills. He got along great with Ben, his therapist probably because he plays so much better with his dad and brother. His therapist had creative ideas to get him to work on his writing and gave us a lot of suggestions to try at home. 3 months later he entered first grade and is no longer resistant to writing. Thanks!


First impressions make a difference. The state-of-the-art equipment and how clean the facility is amazed me. Everything is so bright and colorful. Just walking in made us feel comfortable and my son couldn’t wait to go inside the big gym. We are so happy that we decided to do the SIPT testing. Ben and Susan were both so knowledgeable and Professional. After completing the evaluation, my son couldn’t wait to start therapy. Every day, he asked me when would we be going back. Susan was able to explain the results in a way that really helped me realize how his sensory issues were affecting his learning, attention and emotions. Now we finally understand why our son is struggling so in school even though he is smart and capable. It is so exciting to see him feel successful and start to really pay attention at school and stop getting in trouble all the time. He loves OT and says he would rather go there than anywhere even Disneyland.


We have enrolled all three of our children in OT at SPTS and have also gone to the fun and helpful sensory social groups. All three of them are now doing great in school and in sports. The office staff is very helpful, friendly and accommodating to our family’s busy schedule. Yasmine has been so helpful with insurance and billing questions. We can't thank you enough for all of your help!


We are grateful to Ben and Susan for the school visit to observe my child in class and consult with his teachers. He is doing so much better and the teacher has been able to use all of the suggestions to really help him. They all worked together collaborating ideas that helped improve his attention and ability to get along with other children. He can now sit through circle time and no more pushing or playing too rough…. Well worth it!


My son attended OT at SPTS for just over one year. He was never able to finish his homework or complete his work at school. We worried that he was hyper-active and were concerned that he was always bumping into people and things. He just couldn’t seem to make or keep friends and did poorly in sports. Now… he is in club soccer and is doing great in school and has many friends. We feel so lucky to have found a place like this and to have our child overcome the difficulties that were making his and our life so challenging. We cant thank you enough for all your help and encouragement. We have recommended many family members and friends and will always continue to do so.

Saddleback Pediatric Therapy is Great! My children love OT and are learning so much. Both my son and daughter attend and love it! Susan has helped me understand sensory and behavioral issues so much and has always been available whenever I need her. Ben has been great with my son and has helped him overcome so many issues. Thank you Susan , Ben and Yasmine!

Please share your experiences with our services by filling out the form provided. We appreciate your feedback!

Please share your experiences with our services by filling out the form provided. We appreciate your feedback!